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June 2014, Joint Research - Final Presentation (Otsu, Mizuno)

The final presentations of Joint Research were held on Wednesday, June 11th at RM A201, Joint Use Facility Building. The presentations were performed using Skype connected with Moscow.

<Joint Research - Final Presentation (Otsu, Mizno)>
- Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 5 PM - 7 PM JST
- Venue: Room A201, Joint Use Facility Building
- Presenters & Titles: 
1. Risa Otsu (University of Tsukuba) & Tatiana  Khlebovich (MGPU) 「第二外国語学習において学習意欲を保つ授業とは‐リバーサルセオリーに基づく授業研究‐」
2. Atsumi Mizuno (University of Tsukuba) & Yuliya Uhlina (MGPU)  「日本人学生とロシア人学生の政治に対する姿勢と関心‐若者の政治離れとこれから‐」



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