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Program Aims and Objectives

Specifically to train future Japanese Language and Culture Communicators, this program is open to students of the University of Tsukuba and its partner universities. The aims and objectives of the program are to develop the communication skills necessary for students to be able to evolve in an international work environment. Students will be encouraged to develop an awareness of their own cultural identity to express their views and opinions whilst acquiring the tools necessary for real collaboration across cultural boundaries. Students are expected to play an effective role in modern society within international institutions and entities involved in cultural exchange and Japanese language education.

Program Features

A significant feature of the program is the joint practical study sessions with emphasis on dialogue and collaboration among students of diverse cultures and identities. This particular educational environment is designed to foster students' ability to analyze, make decisions and communicate, all of which are necessary skills for cultural communicators. 1. Inter-university joint study sessions: Special intensive lectures, video-conferences, e-learning and course lectures conducted in English by faculty from the various partner universities. 2. Joint research projects: Joint research projects carried out by students across the partner universities, with the support and guidance of faculty and staff. 3. Practical experience in international cooperation and collaboration: Internships from the perspective of international cooperation and collaboration. Travel expenses and other funds are available to help towards the dispatch of students to the different partner universities.
(Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate.)

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